French flea market finds!

Take a look!

Here are some pictures of my most recent acquisitions.  Are you interested?  All items are for sale.  Email me at:

Here is one of the champagne buckets I found.  It can be yours for $25 plus shipping!

Aren’t these bracelets cool?  Either one is $20 plus shipping.

This cool ceramic ash tray is $25 plus shipping.

Ricard is a French company that makes Pastis.   Pastis is an anise flavored liquor, also known as Pernod or simply Ricard.  Here are two items – a bottle and an ashtray.  The ashtray is made from some sort of ceramic and is quite substantial.  Each are $18 plus shipping.

Here is one of 10 tip saucers I have available.  They are approximately 3-4 inches square.  Each are available for $10 plus shipping.  Email for pictures of others.

Just back from Paris!

We just returned from six wonderful days in Paris.  Two trips to the Porte de Vanves flea market produced some fabulous discoveries.  What did I find this time?  Champagne buckets, tip saucers from all over France, cool antique bracelets, charmingly illustrated children’s books, more old (chateau?) keys, old maps, and more!

Here’s a peek at some of the stalls at Porte de Vanves.

Bohemian Home

Do you live close to Plymouth, MI?  Come to Bohemian Home and see some of my treasures!  Click here for their website.

Bonjour!  I’m off again soon to Paris and can’t wait to get back to the Porte de Vanves flea market.  What am I hoping to find?  More champagne buckets, vintage jewelry and bracelets, and perhaps some more old keys.  The most fun are the unexpected finds….Once I found a set of cheese plates, each with its own cheese and the animal who produced it.  Another time it was a set of fish plates, each unique and beautifully illustrated.  Here are some more pictures of recent treasures….

Here are some fabulous children’s puzzle blocks.

I’ll be looking for more vintage keys like these.

Here’s a wonderful vintage French cigarette tin.  The blue color is really special.


This adorable Quimper pitcher measures just 4 inches high.

This Quimper bowl was used by children to drink their milk in the morning.

This is an antique wine basket.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Paris Passion!  Here’s where I’ll share my passion for all things French – particularly French brocante!  I’m just back from the Porte de Vanves flea market.  Look for pictures soon.  Porte de Vanves is a Metro stop in the 14th district of Paris.  The flea market spans a long tree lined street with vendors set up on both sides of the sidewalk.  It’s best to get there early Saturday morning for the best deals, but Sunday around closing time can be good too.  What have I found there?  A little of everything:  charming Quimper bowls, plates, small hand-painted pitchers, jewelry – cool bracelets in silver, charm bracelets, vintage earrings, interesting corkscrews….

Check back soon for descriptions of recent finds…I’m back to Paris at the end of March and will have many new treasures to share!

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